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About Rising Sparks

Rising Sparks was created to promote content with the goal of helping Christians connect to Jesus, Israel, and Judaism through a Biblical lens. As Christianity has become a religion of its own, it has lost the richness and wisdom found in the writings of the “People of the Book.” This site hopes to introduce ancient concepts and ideas from a Jewish perspective to the Christian world. The life of Jesus definitively and definitely changed the world. However, in order for His followers to make a good change in the world, they must first understand who Jesus was and what he taught, from a law fearing, Judaism honoring, Israel loving perspective. My hope is that everyone who comes to this site would be encouraged to become people who make the world a brighter place. That each person, even as individual sparks ascending to heaven; would unite to make a fiery flame for God’s glory.

About Me

I’ve been involved with many different organizations over the years, all with one main theme, reconciliation between Jewish and Christian communities. Starting in 2011, I worked with my Dad, who was the National Coordinator for the March of Remembrance, traveling across the US and even internationally, calling on people to remember the atrocities of the Shoah (Holocaust) and reminding the world “Never again!” That same year was my first trip to Israel, with Hayovel, an organization that serves the farmers in Judea and Samaria — the heartland of Israel. After just one trip I knew that my life would revolve around seeing Israel’s restoration as is prophesied in the Bible. Many trips and years later, I am actively involved in the work happening in Israel through our family’s business Blessed Buy Israel; a company that supports small family businesses throughout the heartland of Israel. I have written articles for the Nations 9th of Av, where my Dad is part of the organization’s leadership team.

I am a speaker and writer, whose desire is to see all nations streaming up to Jerusalem saying, “Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; He will teach us His ways, And we shall walk in His paths.”

Partner with me in the redemptive work God is doing today